Mars Hill Commandery No. 11

Order of Knights Templar, PHA. Orlando, FL

In 1993 Samuel A. Bolden Grand Eminent Commandery, Union Grand Commandery, State of Florida received a petition to establish a Commandery in Central Florida.
Prior to that time, there were three inactive Commanderies in the area. Mars Hill #11 located in Orlando, Lock and Cave #42 located in Kissimmee, and Sanford #5 located Sanford, Florida.
The last know officers of Lock and Cave were Sir Knight Bellamy, Eminent Commander, and Generalissimo James Holt. Lock and Cave conceded to establish Mars Hill. Sir Knight Ron Williams started the ground work and discussion to establish Mars Hill Although there was some previous obligation to use the Lock and Cave’s charter, the Grand Eminent Commander selected the Mars Hill #11’s charter for activation.
PEC Albert R. Cobb, Elijah Brown #14 Commandery, Germany, was the only Sir Knight in the area having served the East and thus appointed District Deputy Grand Eminent Commander. DDGEC Albert R. Cobb held the election and the following were elected as officers for the calendar Year 1993.

Eminent Commander


Captain General




Senior Warden

Junior Warden


Standard Bearer

Sword Bearer


Sir Knight Ronald William, Sr.

Sir Knight James E. Holt, Sr.

Sir Knight Charles H. James

Sir Knight Harold Ziegler

Sir Knight Courtland A. Butts Sr.

Sir Knight Ted Thompson

Sir Knight Edward L. Martin-Smith

Sir Knight Owen J. Hatcher

Sir Knight Albert Hamilton

Sir Knight Isaac Brown

Sir Knight Lynwood Loper

Sir Knight Hoover Blue